“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”…. Albert Einstein


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I am unable to sit by and watch what is happening to this Country – The Country my Grand Children will inherit – without saying something – I know there will be no saving the Republic our Founding Fathers passed to us if things are not turned around by the end of the 2016 elections – The 2016 elections will be a defining statement to determine if a majority of Americans have sold out to be “Hand Fed” by their government.  This election will be to confirm once and for all if the majority prefer being “taken care of” in lieu of “Providing for Themselves”. It is frustrating to see Americans giving their Freedoms away so easily and so rapidly.  I do not understand an American Selling Out his Country, fellow Citizens and Family solely for a Party Line, Skin Color, Gender or Hand Out.   Being an American Citizens has to mean more than this, and if not, Just Stay Home!  – America deserves better from it’s Citizens. As a Vet, I am truly saddened by the ignorance and apathy my countrymen display at the Voting Booth, if they bother to vote at all.