The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”…. Albert Einstein


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I am unable to sit by and watch what is happening to my United States of America – The Country my Grand Children will inherit – without saying something.  I knew there was no saving the Republic our Founding Fathers passed to us if things had not turned around in the 2016 elections – The 2016 election was a defining statement announcing the majority of Americans had not sold out, expecting to be “Hand Fed” by their government.  This election confirmed once again the majority of Americans prefer “Providing for Themselves” in lieu of being “Taken Care Of” by the Feds.  For that I am eternally grateful and optimistic..

It has been frustrating to see Americans willing to give their Freedoms away so easily and so rapidly.  I will not pretend to understand an American Selling Out their Country, fellow Citizens and Family solely for a Party Line, Skin Color, Gender, Hand Out or much worse – Stupid Unsubstantiated BABBLE.

I cannot understand young Americans willingly remaining woefully uninformed with so much technology out there to get a well-rounded look at what is ‘actually’ happening World wide around them.  Willful Ignorance is much more dangerous to those choosing to remain so, than those they desire to overpower with meaningless noise.  I find it disturbing to watch the Ignorant protest for changes to My America that they could not possibly SURVIVE should they get what they are protesting for – They are not equipped mentally or materially to Survive the devastation they babble about and support through their protest.

I watch as the shallow minded, uninformed individuals, allow themselves to be herded like sheep and run up on the modern-day Slaves’ Auction block for sale to the loudest bullhorn – running to and swearing allegiance to the senseless roaring BABBLE.

Being an American Citizens has to mean more than this to you, and if not, there are many other places in the world that will coddle and whine with you!  You can Leave – We, the true Citizens of America will protect your right to do that, no matter how hard you try to give Our Rights and Freedoms away.

– America deserves better from its Citizens. As a Vet, I am truly saddened by the Uninformed ignorance and Apathy some of my countrymen display at the Voting Booth, if they bother to vote at all.