#VOTENOTE Tracking Sheet for Politicians and Agenda’s

If you are like me, you stay politically plugged in – I want to know what Politicians that affect my life, other Americans lives and my children’s lives are doing, saying, promising and following through on.

I find myself making mental notes of the things I want to remember, double check on and cross check what has been said and done.

I found myself needing a note pad to jot down things that were of interest to me as they popped up.  The VoteNote is what I came up with to assist me in remembering and tracking political items important to me.  I am posting my NoteVote Tracking Sheet here just in case someone else has determined that something like this might be of assistance to them.

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TRACKING FORM, Print it out or save to your electronic device for a handy Tracker –   VoteNote

I use the hashtag #VOTENOTE to let my Politicians know I am tracking them.