Does Your Sheriff Know His Duties and the Obligations of His Oath of Office



Does YOUR Sheriff know what his Duties and Responsibilities are to his County and it’s Citizens?

Has your Sheriff taken the bribes of Federal and State money to the point he can no longer keep his obligations to the Citizens of your County?  How about Military Equipment?
Do you know the scope of duties and Obligations your Sheriff owes to YOU and the Citizens of YOUR County?

Do you even know who your Sheriff is?

Election time is coming up and EVERY setting Sheriff and EVERY Sheriff Candidate MUST be queried on his knowledge of the Scope of his Authority, His commitment to his Oath of Office and most important – His commitment to the Citizens of the County he is asking to SERVE.  If he falls short on any ONE single item – he should not be allowed to fill the Office of County Sheriff – PERIOD!!  Watch the video below to hear a real Sheriff spell it out – get this Sheriff’s speech to current Sheriffs and Candidates to make sure they are aware that WE THE PEOPLE are watching and expect our Sheriffs to know their jobs, duties and responsibilities to the County Citizens.

Sheriff Mack Speech on 4-14-14

If your Sheriff is short on knowledge he can contact the CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS AND PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION at for more information.  This group takes the time to equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

The sure way to lose the elections the next two years is to stay home like so many Conservatives did in 2012 – Wake Up, Get Up and get to the Voting Booth to do your part in cleaning up the Political mess we now have.

To ALL of you that voted for the current Liars, Thieves and Crooks currently in office – this is your opportunity to redeem yourself and step out of the dark and be heard.

To ALL of you complaining about what is going on that failed to VOTE at all – It is very easy to get your Voters Card, educate yourself about Local and National elections and candidates and GO VOTE…. Time to take responsibility and do your duty as a Citizen – Stop the Complaining and Do Something…….

To YOU who are uneducated, insist on not becoming educated about the Candidates and Important Political events affecting every American – Stay home, Shut Up, burn your voters card if you have one – We All Deserve Better!

Watch this 04-14-14 Video of Sheriff Mack to get an Idea of what YOUR Sheriff should be representing –

Send a link to this article to everyone you know – It is important that the most powerful Peace Officer in your County know and uphold the duties of his office and honor his Oath of Office at all times – no just at election time.





flaghalfmastI believe the days of having our Elected Representatives go to Washington to protect America, the Constitution and our way of Life are gone.

I believe the days where Politicians actually ‘Listen to’ and commit themselves to their ‘Oath of Office’ have passed.  Politicians know the average citizen will not keep list and tallies on their sellout votes while in office.  The modern day politicians count on ill informed voters to place their votes based on the last ‘TV Commercial’ or ‘Sign’ they see on the way to polling places.  Sadly, this supposition is more true than not.  The American Voter fails to seek and retain information on their political office holders.  We tend to hand our votes over very easily and without many requirement to get it.  We give up our most treasured asset – The Right To Vote- freely and cheaply.

With only a few exceptions, our government leadership is filled with gutless – wimpy Girlymen lining their pockets with our hard earned money through insider information, pork barrel projects and kickbacks.  Every Politician going to Washington leaves as a multimillionaire, with financial worth many times greater than when they first walked through the office door.  This simple fact is even found at the local levels of community government.

This trend for elected officials selling out their voters is not just at the National Level.  We see School Board Members raping their neighbors at Property Tax time.  We see local elected city officials steal Private Property with Eminent Domain declarations under the guise of betterment for the majority, only to see our property and lands passed to profit making endeavors.

Police departments are getting rid of the nice uniforms, shiny badges and Officer name tags only to dress our Law Enforcement in Swat and Tactical garb.  Have you notice lately how they all look alike – that is by design.  The local Police Chief and Sheriff rush to have the latest surplus military vehicle to add to their arsenal.  I believe this is to instill fear in the populace instead of building community relationships and providing a sense of protection for the Citizens.

Americans are going to have to take the country back – If they still want it?  The Politicians are not going to just give it back with out a fight.  All levels of government – Local, State & Federal political offices need purging – Liberals and Conservatives alike.  It could be argued that any elected official serving more than two consecutive terms should be seriously considered for removal from office to remove any appearance of personal gain.  These offices should be filled with Constitutional Fundamentalist if we are going to get our Constitution back.

Future elected officials must understand – There is NO Expiration Date on their Oath of Office – Although most politicians seem to forget it right after being sworn in.  It is time for a new thought process – we need to face up to the fact that elected officials at all levels of government are screwing the Citizens of America.  It is time to vote out as many as possible and replace them with true Americans.  For the Good of America – Lawyers should NEVER be allowed to run for any publicly elected office.

I am as mad at my elected leaders for letting Obama go this far as I am with Obama for his Crimes against the Constitution.  Our elected representatives have shown their lack of Patriotism, Integrity and Trustworthiness by not charging Obama with Treason for his Crimes against our Constitution.  They have failed to initiate Impeachment proceedings for his repeated lying and coverup of government corruption.  Our Representatives have sold us down the river to organized crime at the highest levels.  Our Elected Officials are Afraid to speak up and Scared to do the Right thing.  What good are they to Us?

So, Do we, as a Country, have the fortitude to see past the cloaked labels of Liberalism, Conservatism, Democrat, Republican and Independent to do the right thing for this Country?  Do you as an individual have what it takes to look honestly at what is happening to this Country and do the right thing,  No Matter your political slant on things – can YOU get past the years of indoctrination and veiled political games and tackle this massive problem head on.

What will YOU do – Stop the destruction or continue to be a willing participant by voting for the current politicians.  Red Flags should be waving high and proud if you are strictly a “Party above All” type, a sure sign of political servitude.  It is, after all is said and done, our CHOICE!  I feel many Americans have forgotten that one important freedom we still have left – CHOICE – We have it For Now anyway.

I DO KNOW THIS – If Americans put another Socialist Liberal in the White House in 2016, America as we knew it will be gone forever.  An entire generation will have grown up not knowing what we gave away and this Country will be past the point of returning to what the Founding Fathers intended when they declared our Independence from an outside Ruler – We will have surrendered to total destruction from Within.  YES, WE ARE THAT CLOSE TO LOSING THIS COUNTRY AS WE KNOW IT!

Hopefully, this Article will be ‘food for thought’,  a small start in the right direction to regaining our Constitutional Rights.  A start to take America back from the hands of those who have pledged during their ‘Oath of Office to protect and have only stolen our heritage.