Midwest Fires Will Cost Everyone – Not One TV Station Covering the Up Coming Disaster

The devastating fires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado have in the last week set the Stage for Higher meat and food prices for the entire United States –

This does not include the immediate ongoing Disaster in Loss of Life, Farms, Towns, Businesses, Crops, Pets, Livestock and Disruption of daily  Lives……

Excerpts from Local Facebook Postings give a better idea of what has happened and what is NOT happening….

Written by facebook friend Nicole Farber. (to major news channel FoxNews)

Nicole Farber
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Thank you to all of you for sharing and messaging me, letting me know what you have done to raise awareness. Those messages mean the world to me. It let’s me know, I’ve made a small difference. I’ve received a few messages that weren’t so nice. But hey, you can’t please everyone and I don’t care that they don’t like what I have to say. To those questioning the million head count… it has been estimated that a million head are dead, that includes calves not born yet… we may never know how many head have been lost. And quite frankly if you are arguing on numbers, perhaps you need more to do in YOUR LIFE. Go volunteer to feed the some of the baby calves that have no mother now… maybe that will help you understand the gravity of the situation.

I never dreamed that this would go viral. Thank you all for sharing. If one person benefits from this post or any of the links I shared, then I’ve done my job by bringing awareness to the hell these people are going through.

So… I just fired off a message to Fox news,

Can someone explain to me why there is very little to no national news coverage of the devastating wildfires that have plagued the Midwest… over 1 million cattle have died as a result of these fires. People have lost their lives trying to save their property, cattle, livelihoods. And not one mention of it on any of the national news stations.
Why is that? Because it won’t cause controversy? Because it’s not linked to our President? Or his band of haters?
Will it only become news when beef prices in the grocery store sky rocket this summer and people will be blaming the “greedy ranchers”?
They won’t understand that those ranchers had to shoot cattle to end their suffering.. shoot baby calves to stop the pain. Or raise 30 head of calves because they all lost their mamas in the fire. Or shoot their entire herd of horses because they were so badly burned there was no way to save them.
Is it only going to be when PETA & HSUS get involved and twist their lies to support their agenda that news stations will get involved and get the American public outraged?
Ashland, Kansas almost burnt to the ground, had it not been for fire fighters and volunteers, the town would be burned to the ground.
Be a leader, and cover the devastating fires Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado have gone through in the last week. Cover how these farmers and ranchers are devastated by the loss of life, of their cattle, of their horses, pets, equipment, families… their lives…
They feed America with the cattle they raise, the crops they grow… and they can’t even get a 5 second blip on national news about the hell they’ve gone through.

Photo credit: Tarlton Holloway

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BOOM!!! THIS IS WHAT SHARING AND MAKING WAVES DOES!! Way to care Hoxie, Oakley, Sharon Springs, Grinnell !!

Ashland Veterinary Center, Inc.

You folks out there in rural America are the absolute BEST!
We just received a call from a local cattleman’s group in Kentucky who are sending 300 round bales of hay and fencing supplies to fire victims here!!!
Also we received a trailer load of dog and cat food, horse grain, protein tubs, and bottled water from several businesses in Hoxie, Oakley, and Grinnell, KS. If any of you could use those items, please let us know and we will get those out to you!!!

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Bradley Keith

Here’s three of the seven loads shipping to the Goodnight Ranch in Engelwood, Kansas. Jack,Willie,Ed,Bill,Jason,David &Matthew. The Hay provided by (Larry) Radcliffe, Troy Tremblay, Larry Worcester, Brian Simoneau, Matt and Joe Keith, David Keiswetter, Ed Deges,& Kevin Strauss.