I Will Say This Only Once ..

BlueHandTo those people, Media & Politicians who supported putting another Criminal, Confirmed Habitual Liar & Traitor into My White House….

I Say This To You Now-

This message is for you who supported Hillary Clinton directly, openly or in a subversive manner through your Words and/or Deeds – Your actions tell me the following about YOU.

YOU have NO Respect for My Country
YOU have NO Integrity
YOU have NO Honor

I know you may feel this to be not true, even harsh – I would expect that. You have displayed the inability to understand why those characteristics are of value, not only to you, but more importantly, to those around you.  This message is not ‘about’ you, it is about your Agenda Driven Selfishness.

The Lack of these basic Human expectations and the Disrespect you have shown toward my Country and it’s Laws leads me to conclude the following:

I will not tell you what you did is alright and let’s just go on from here.

You have shown me, I cannot trust you with my friendship.

You have not earned my financial support for your product or cause.

You have shown me that you are not responsible enough to guide my Country.

I will tolerate your Selfishness & lack of Patriotism, after all, we have always had irresponsible people in America -but we have never had this level of disdain for fellow Americans’ Rights, Freedoms and our Constitution so openly displayed and under attack in my lifetime.

“I WILL NEVER FORGET”Hugheagleicon





I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.