$110,192,400.00 – FOR 300 ROUNDS OF GOLF

According to Mark Knoller, a reporter for CBS, President Obama played his 300th round of golf as president on Sunday while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

Casstillo300 Rounds of Golf

1) According to the Hammock Creek Golf Club in Florida, the average amount of time it takes to play one round of 18-holes is 4-hours.  Therefore, President Obama has spent 1,200 hours on the links during his time in office.  Based on an 8-hour work day, this equates to 30-weeks spent golfing instead of working at the White House.

2) It’s been approximately 7-years, 6.5 months since he was sworn in as president.  This equates to Barrack Obama being in office for roughly 392 weeks.  Thus, assuming he plays golf again this week, based on the 40-hour work week the president has spent approximately 8% of his time golfing.

3) It’s hard to pin down exactly how much it costs taxpayers for President Obama to play golf.  For example, the number of Secret Service agents on his detail during a golf vacation is not revealed.  Plus, there is the cost of getting the golf area secure before the president arrives, etc.   But according to Judicial Watch, in March and April 2015, just two golf outings by President Obama cost taxpayers $1,836,555 in travel expenses alone.

Documents provided under the Freedom of Information Act to Judicial Watch showed that the cost per hole was $20,406. During two trips to California and Florida, the president played five rounds of golf.  In February 2015, he traveled to Palm Springs, California, for an all-men President’s Day break. The flight alone cost $1,031,685.

Using the cost of $20, 406 per hole, 300 rounds of golf cost taxpayers more than $100,000,000.00
18 x 300 = 5400 holes.

5400 holes x $20,406.00 = $110,192,400.00



I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.