I Do Not Know Which Side They Are On Anymore –

ImageI believe the question comes from not really knowing which side our uniformed police and military will be on if Americans have to take on a corrupt government. We never hear where they stand. We know there are good cops and good soldiers out there, we just don’t know how many and to what extent our protectors & their leaders have been corrupted.

I have friends in both – I know the military runs drills for containing crowds and riots – will that be a gathering of Americans? – I or my family while opposing IRS or Obama crap? – would my military actually attack Me, a fellow Citizen & Veteran? I don’t know anymore, I am a Vietnam Veteran, that idea would have never even crossed people’s minds when I was serving, but it does now, even to this Vet……

When the local police traded in their neat uniforms to put on riot and swat gear on a daily basis, and drive around in military vehicles, it makes American Citizens uneasy – We didn’t have that fear when the police wore neat uniforms, shiny badges, polished shoes with big bold name tags and ‘Protect and Serve boldly on all the easily identified vehicles….

Ask your Law Enforcement and/or Soldier friends what they would do, would he attack Americans exercising their Constitutional Rights? – how about his friends?, Trust me, it will be an interesting conversation, if they talk about it at all – most will change the subject.  if you do get an answer, I hope your not shocked at the answer – Ask him if he would gang up with the Military to put us in our place – would he fire on a crowd for vocalizing their opposition to a tyrannical government?

Hopefully not – but we Citizens just don’t know – and that is the reason for the hostility and concern and yes Distrust. I do know Americans are getting tired of being bullied – I do know they are sick and tired of gun happy police killing their pets, destroying property and worse, without penalty –

I do know that anyone pointing a gun at me is now my enemy – –.



I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.