Liberalism – Brain Wiring at Birth ?

My research is now complete and it is confirmed –

Socialist – once referred to as Democrats and more recently as Liberals, have a genetic setting in the physical hard-wiring of their brains that seems to explain the inability of Socialist Liberals to be able to comprehend anything that does not relate to their ‘feelings’ about any subject, action or consequence.  This wiring keeps the Socialist from being able to interact with those of other view points because they are physically unable to override this inner default of ‘my view is the only view’.

Any person trying to relate with or share a different view-point will find their time totally wasted as the Socialist is unable to enter into a subjective discussion on any topic that does not meet their ‘my view is the only view’ thought process -Their Mind is Made up For Them already – from birth.

The Socialist Liberal cannot be convinced of any other process, view or action that conflicts with their idea on any subject – They are not capable of constructive reasoning or debate.  The Socialist Liberal is not capable of evaluating conflicting data or any form of ‘proof’ that conflicts with their ‘my view is the only view’ slant on any topic or process.  They do not possess the capacity to change their minds.

Knowing this hard-wiring exist can save Conservative Americans a lot of wasted time.  You must know and understand – It is fruitless to try to have a conversation with Socialist Liberals on anything, particularly politics.  They have had their minds made up for them at birth – they are not capable of changing their opinions on any matter, regardless of the facts or data that may show their idea to be unsupported.  Socialist Liberals are wired to be controlled by how they ‘feel’ about something – facts, data and History can never be enough to override the physical hard-wiring of their biased brain connections.

There was a time when the Socialist Liberal, being in touch with their ‘feelings’ knew deep down, when their ‘my view is the only view’ of life was in direct conflict with the facts, data and History.  They refrained from trying to force their ‘feelings’ onto the general populace.  They would not try to argue with facts and data that showed their ‘my view is the only view’ logic to be flawed…..

That was until other Socialist Liberals gained positions of power and did not care to be concerned about facts, data and History.  They cared about their ‘my view is the only view’ above all else, above all others – even above their Country and fellow Citizen as a whole.  Many self-centered, self-absorbed citizens that never thought of themselves as Socialist, suddenly found themselves with like-minded self-indulgence seekers, willing to take from their neighbors instead of contribute.  When the average Socialist Liberal saw others in positions of Power denying the facts, data and History, it emboldened them to come out of the shadows and join in on the ‘Fundamental Change of America’.. They chose to join forces with other Socialist Liberals at all levels to push their ‘my view is the only view’ onto their fellow Americans, neighbors and yes even family members.

The new Socialist Liberal is “out – and up in you face”.  To hell with the facts, to hell with the data and Yes – to Hell with the History.  To Hell with everything ‘feelings’ and ‘my view is the only view’ attitudes have risen in the past, fed & devoured previous generations – even civilizations of Socialist, Liberal and Marxist utopias – to only die back and wait for another Fine Vocal Orator or Wordsmith to bolster their ‘feelings’.

These fancy Snake Oil Salesman have existed centuries before Hitler and will exist decades after Obama… As long as this Socialist Liberal hard-wiring exist, there will be those ‘velvet tongued opportunist’ available to play on their ‘feelings’ and use their ‘my view is the only view’ to plunder Countries, Civilizations and enslave their supporting inhabitants while they make them ‘feel’ good about it.

Narcissistic Socialist, be it Liberals or Marxist, make good followers, good talking heads, good slaves as well as very ruthless Dictators and Rulers.  Just like Climate Change – this too shall once again pass and evolve into the next project for the Socialist – Liberal – Marxist movement, what ever term they use for themselves.

Blood will be spilled again, Countries and Nations’ Wealth will be squandered yet again by the ‘true believers’ of ‘feelings’ as they try to force the ‘one and only view’ upon their fellow Citizens and neighbors.



I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.