Obama using time honored Muslim Art of ‘TAQIYYA’

While in the White House, Obama is just being a good Muslim.  Look at his Ring below..  Islam teaches the art of Lying to infidels.  It is called ‘TAQIYYA’ (lying to infidels) The word “Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one’s beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralizing any criticism of Islam or Muslims.                 
“Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wits for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honor on their own account and vicea-versa for their opponents. If honor so demands, lies and cheating may become absolute imperatives.
Barack Obama has been wearing the same ring for over 30 years.  When he and Michelle were married in October, 1992, Barack used the ring as his wedding ring.
So, what is so important about this ring that Obama will never take it off?
  The answer is shocking; well maybe not to most of you.
Barack Obama and his roommate Hasan Chandoo at Occidental College in 1981.
ring2  ring3  
Obama wearing the ring as president.
   ring4   ring5
 Obama signing legislation while wearing the ring.
 Obama in Cairo, Egypt, smiling and waving during his speech.
ring7   ring8     

  And what does the inscription on the ring Obama will never take off mean?

lâ ilâha illâ allâh: There is no God except Allah

The most transparent president in history?  Who is this person that occupies the oval office?  Does anyone really know? Clint Eastwood’s September 7, 2012, interview with his home town newspaper, The Carmel Pine Cone, is dead on: “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

          Are you surprised by anything above; I didn’t think so. 

Obama will go in the Books as the ‘Worse President in American History’




I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.