Barrack Hussein Obama – With Nothing Left, What Next!

ImageWhat does a narcissist like Barrack Hussein Obama do when he finally realizes his entire trumped up phoney life has been a total waste and dismal failure.

I recall how I can see that guarded look in his eyes when he appears in public.  I can see he understands ‘everyone’ knows he is a confirmed, certified and recorded Liar.  He looks over the crowd, and double looks to the side to see if there is a glimmer of hope that maybe someone just might be believing a single thing he says.  A sure sign of his unsteadiness is the quick flash of his signature ‘white teeth’ smile that his mom taught him early in life.  It is his fall back position when he is caught red handed in another lie or deception. 

Where does a narcissist retreat when his total lack of integrity, non-existent moral character and blatant dishonesty is displayed for the entire world to see.

He and his administration has led an assault on the American way of Life, on the American Constitution and yes, an assault on the American People.  Barrack Hussein Obama and his administration henchmen have American Blood on their hands.  Blood of a Border Patrol Agent as well as countless Mexican citizens killed by the failed ‘Fast & Furious’ gun running scheme.  The failure of his Secretary of State to provide security for Ambassador Stevens and former seals in Benghazi stained his hands once again with the blood of Americans.  Those are just the ones we know about.  I know, as most other Americans know, there will be more blood shed accredited to Barrack Hussein Obama and his administration before this ends – they know it also, and just hope to outlast the repeated failures that have cost this country so much.

Why would Barrack Hussein Obama, who could have done so much for his people and this country, waste two terms as President to tear down the Constitution.

He has intentionally failed to enforce current laws of the nation and intentionally divided Americans when we should be standing together during these hard economical times.  He has turned citizens against each other at all levels, based on racism, economic levels, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and even in our school classrooms.  He has set back race relations in this country by 40 years and I think he did it intentionally by banking on Black Americans to support color over all else.  Apparently it worked from the divide I see widening everyday.

I can only come to the conclusion, he is not an American.  I do not intend to rehash his citizenship status.  I am saying a true American would not have ever gone to the lengths Barrack Hussein Obama and his administration has to ruin this country at so many levels –

He knows nothing of being a true American.  No, he is not an American, he is a racist ‘closet Muslim’ Marxist suffering from the scars of his childhood.  Americans will hear of ‘Prayer Rugs’ in the White House when he is gone and his spineless protectors start talking to save themselves.  He is the enemy within that this country’s founding fathers warned us about. 

When Barrack Hussein Obama is out of office as President of the United States, where will he be without his band of ‘Yes’ men and women to stand behind.  What will he do without his handler Valarie Jarrett to tell him where to stand, where to go, when to take a bathroom break.  What will he say when his speech writers stop filling the teleprompters with grand words.  What will Barrack Hussein Obama have to say, where will he go, what will he do.. I suspect he will follow Al Gore and Bill Clinton on the speech circuits with tired worn speeches, repeated over and over again to bring in money,  More importantly, he will do it just to have that applause at the end of each mindless regurgitation of nonsense.  Barrack lives for the applause, the acceptance, the recognition, the praise.

If true KARMA exist, it exist for people like Barrack H. Obama and a special plan is in place to bring justice upon him.  I only hope I am around to see and toast that day.

Barrack Hussein Obama will have to live with things he has done that no true American would ever accept.  Barrack Hussein Obama has sold his soul for a few fleeting years of praise and grandeur.  Barrack H. Obama has given up any integrity, honesty and self worth he may have ever owned, though I seriously doubt he ever possessed these attributes in the first place.

The name Barrack Hussein Obama will forever be used to describe failure on a grand scale, dishonesty, lack of trustworthiness and integrity, along with many other low life acronyms yet to be articulated.  Barrack Hussein Obama will forever have his place in the history books as “The Worse President in American History” and he has earned that title handily over several contenders.Image






I am fed up with the direction this Country is going and I am not sure it can be turned around. 2016 will determine the fate of this Great Nation. I fear for America now more than ever.